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The Da Vinci Code
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The Da Vinci Code: Fact or fiction?

The Da Vinci Code is one of the most popular books of this decade. Worldwide more than 40 million copies have been sold, making author Dan Brown one of the most influential persons of our time.
A lot of people who have read the book wonder what is true about the mysterious things in the book which are presented as facts. This website tries unlock the secrets in the Da Vinci Code. What is true? What is fiction? Here you will find all the answers.

The Da Vinci Code starts with the murder of a senior and highly respected curator at the Louvre in Paris. In his dying moments, he leaves cryptic clues, which force the police to bring in an expert on symbolism, Robert Langdon, who just happens to be lecturing in Paris on the topic that evening, and just happens to have had an appointment with the dead man that very evening, which makes him a prime murder suspect.

Langdon flees, together with a female French agent: the granddaughter of the murdered curator. Langdon realizes he is the only person who can decypher the cryptic clues the curator has left for him: symbols in the artworks of Leonardo da Vinci lead to a secret religious organization that tries to keep an ancient secret about the very fundaments of christianity.